Whether your building is residential, commercial or retail, health and safety is of critical importance. Issues such as fire safety, electrical and water safety and a lack of first aid knowledge can present a real danger to your staff.

The health and safety at work act 1974 is statutory.

It is the legal responsibility of the client duty holder as well as the individual managing the departments. To this end, I hope to offer support, validation and to provide a one-stop shop for all of your concerns and questions.

This enables you to fulfil your legal duties and contractual responsibilities.



I Specialise in:


   General risk assessments 

Managing any company carries risks to the facility and to occupants. It is important to be aware of what to look out for, and when to carry out risk assessments. I can work with your team to organise and assess any risks in your facility.

   Fire risk assessments 

I have first-hand experience with fire risk assessments and can help identify possible faults and threats in your facility.

   Fire emergency plan

It is imperative that you have an emergency plan in place in the event of fire or other emergency in your workplace, including a floor plan, location of emergency equipment and utility shut offs as well as staging areas for responders.

   Fire evacuations drill oversight

Ensuring that your employees and building occupants are aware of how they should act and where they should be in a fire frill is very important, and often oversighted. I can work with you to plan a safe fire evacuation drill at your site.

   DSE assessments (display screen equipment) office and home

If your workforce uses any alphanumeric or graphical display screens, it is important that you assess this equipment is working correctly when a new workstation is made up or relocated, when new hardware is installed and when a new operator uses the equipment.

   Manual handling training

If workers are lifting heavy materials, it is important they are trained properly to avoid injury or accident. I am CPD accredited and can organise professional training.



   First aid

Make sure your facility is equipped with the right first aid equipment, in the right locations and easily accessible, with staff trained on usage in the event of injury.

   Access audit

Accessibility in your property should be a priority, I can carry out a full audit to ensure you are meeting all access requirements.

   Asbestos surveys and management

It is the duty of an FM to ensure that all asbestos is found and managed in a non-domestic property. I can work with you on how to find and manage third parties on removing asbestos.

   Façade and exterior checks

Exterior walls and masonry are exposed to the elements year-round and require regular checks to ensure they are not a falling hazard or a structural integrity issue for your property.

   Listed Buildings

I can work with local authorities when it comes to change visual features of the exterior of a listed building.

   RAMS - Risk assessment and method statements

I can work with your FM team to deliver a clear explanation on how they will manage risks that are identified during a risk assessment.



I am available to discuss all of the above and more – whether you are looking for a consultant in health and safety management, feel free to arrange a consultation with me.