In order for me to explain the hard facility management services I can provide; it is important for you to understand the difference between ‘hard facilities’ and ‘soft facilities.

Soft facilities are services and facilities that help support the workplace to function, usually by making the environment clean, efficient and secure. Examples of soft facilities would include cleaning, catering, car parking and mail management.

While Hard Facility management refers to the physical materials and utilities of a building which cannot be removed. These facilities are often required by law to adhere to safety and welfare standards.

I also have experience dealing with heavy plant equipment and the installation of boilers, air conditions, HVAC, electrical intake panels and low voltage panels.



I Specialise in:


   PPM Planned preventative maintenance oversight (SFG20) 

Ensuring electrical and mechanical assets within your workplace are operating correctly and are maintained.

   5-year electrical survey 

Involves the testing of electrical systems and installations within a building. Statutory for all commercial, office, retail and educational properties.

   PAT testing Portable appliance testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is designed to capture any electrical defects in portable electrical equipment before an issue arises during use.

   Asbestos surveys

Asbestos is a dangerous carcinogen. I can identify and explain the proper procedure for safely removing asbestos from your workplace.

   Water management (legionella)

I can carry out a risk assessment on your water outlets and ensure that your property is using the correct temperature control to stop legionella from forming.

   Air monitoring

By ensuring that your air conditioning and ductwork should be properly maintained and cleaned, and that your property is ventilated, you can help stop the spread of airborne viruses such as COVID-19.



   COSHH assessments

I can work with you to ensure that you are aware of all of the chemicals being used in your workplace, and to make sure you have adequate protection methods in place in terms of control and PPE.

   Lift maintenance

I can work with your FM team to make sure that the lifts and escalators in your workplace are up to code.

   Lightning rod maintenance or installation

Lightning rods must undergo regular inspections to ensure that the they are not damaged from environmental conditions or have been stolen. 

   ESOS energy savings opportunity (statutory if criteria applicable)

ESOS is an energy assessment and energy saving scheme is a mandatory energy assessment scheme, introduced by the UK government to make sure large enterprises in the UK are energy efficient.

   Control of contractors

I have years of experience working with third party contractors and can work with your FM team to moderate and decipher any lingo that can otherwise be bewildering.

   Documentation control

I can work with your team to make sure that all of your documentation is in order and readily available.



I am available to discuss all of the above and more – whether you are looking for a consultant in Hard or Soft facilities management, feel free to arrange a consultation with me.