With over 45 years of experience working across the UK and Europe in the field of Facilities Management, I have been responsible for making sure the systems of the company buildings and environments I have worked within have been safe and productive.

My role has been an important one, and not once that I have taken for granted.

From impacting the operation efficiencies of the site, I have worked in, to managing risks and personnel, to promoting sustainable tactics for long-term cost management – my role has been vast and varied.

I now bring my experience to companies up and down the UK, working with existing FM teams or offering my services as a remote stand-in should you require me.



I can provide support with:


   Project management

I have decades of experience in initiating, planning and executing large scale projects within a facility, organising staff and operations in harmony.

   CDM requirements

FM contractors undertaking construction tasks (installing new heating systems or large-scale landscaping) are subject to CDM legislation. I can work with you to understand this requirement fully.

   Quantity surveyor

I can ensure that when it comes to starting a new construction project on your site, you can be cost effective with your purchase of materials.

   Structural engineers

It is important that your facility is regularly checked for structural integrity, and working alongside third-party contractors can be a minefield. I will be there to moderate and interpret their findings.

   Security systems and surveys

It is vital for your business and your staff that your security systems are up to date and working effectively. I can offer a security survey to make sure your systems are working efficiently.

   CCTV and compliance

From evaluating the physical condition of your CCTV cameras, to ensuring their placement is in compliance with privacy laws.



   Cleaning validation of contractors

Establish evidence that correct cleaning procedures have been followed by contractors when working on your site’s equipment.


In my experience working as an FM, it is important that you are aware of the cycles of moves and changes taking place within your workspace. Your CHURN rate is usually expressed as a percentage of the number of occupants that have left the building.

   Office relocations planning

Relocating offices can be a headache for any company, the planning and management involved can be costly and time consuming. I can work with you to ensure this is a smooth transition.

   Furniture procurement

It is vital your staff, customers and site visitors have comfortable and accessible furniture. I can help procure quality furniture for your workplace.


Network and communication cabling should be managed neatly, placed efficiently and positioned in a safe environment.

   Catering oversight and compliance

It is likely your company has in-house catering, or uses a third-party. It is important soft service that must adhere to strict health and safety guidelines such as allergy notices and how and where food is prepped and stored.




General Office Design

Optimising the layout of an office to ensure that employees have a comfortable and safe work environment.


Facilities Consultant in London and the UK general office design plan 


Listed building advice

Being a FM in a listed property comes with heaps of regulations and important information on how to manage the property.


Property management can be difficult when dealing with a landlord, especially when you are trying to undergo planned maintenance or construction work. I can work as a mediator for your team and your properties landlord.


BCP emergency controller

Business Continuity Planning is a vital process for any company. In the event of a natural disaster or a cyber-attack, it is important that you have a prevention and recovery plan in place.

Valued Engineering

If a contractor approaches you for work with a list of products, you would ‘value engineer’ the products, and make sure that you are being supplied with the correct, quality products for a fair and competitive price.



I am available to discuss all of the above and more – whether you are looking for a consultant in General Facilities management, feel free to arrange a consultation with me.