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 Facilities Consultant in London and the UK
 Facilities Consultant in London and the UK



Trevor Anthony Ashburner Cox


Facilities Manager Consultant

I was born in Devon, England to a Welsh mother and English father.  Father was an E.N.T. Surgeon mother was a registered nurse who came from a small town  Pontypool in South Wales. My father wanted me to follow him into the army as he was a Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps and saw action in the Burma Campaign during the second world war, as was my Uncle who also served in the R.A.M.C. We come from a large family of seven siblings and as children in our younger years during my father's medical career we travelled and lived in many parts of the world including South America, Africa and Spain and eventually returning back to Wales.

Departed Wales after completing a grammar school education and moved to London where I wanted to study further and enrolled at a college to become a draftsman. Life takes one in different directions and while in London, I met a classical ballerina who became my wife and we moved to Salzburg, Austria and there I studied and became proficient in the German language. After some years in Austria, we moved to Bavaria where I worked for the US Army 7th Corp as a civilian. My role included managing the facilities and sports areas as well as liaising with the local German authorities, and it was during this period where I found my true niche and received many commendations from the US Army for my work and contributions.

After leaving Bavaria we returned to London, and I secured a role with a large blue-chip firm of Solicitors. My position was a new one for the firm and after a few years, I was named Facility Manager. I was charged with developing and building a team for the first time to run both hard and soft services. I had a rewarding experience in this challenging role as it allowed me to use new and innovative technology at the time such as LAN, digitization, telephone analogue to digital switches, communications, office extensions and design. Later as new and ever-evolving regulations came into force Health and Safety became an important area of responsibility for the firm and I enjoyed the new challenges handed to me while still being able to use common sense approaches to solving problems to comply with new and legal responsibilities.







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I have taken a keen interest ever since in this vital area of Health and Safety and to that end have studied different and critical aspects of H&S regarding Fire, Water management ( Legionella), Asbestos, DSE, well-being and recently Bacteria and infection control. I find the compliance with the regulations remarkably interesting and I am aware not many of my colleagues feel the same, but it is responsible to accept and make changes where required. I used to explain to others I felt like the radar blip in a submarine as it was my job to look ahead to see what was coming down the pipe so to say. 






After many rewarding and successful years with the firm, I have decided to take on a new role and offer my experience and trusted contacts to assist and help others in this field, as well as mentoring new Facility Managers who may not have gained the valuable experience over many years as I have been fortunate enough to have under my belt.

On a personal note, I also have family connections to Peru, who live in Chiclayo where I support a local orphanage. I do a lot of hill walking on the South Downs, read extensively, enjoy listening to classical music and ride my motorbike.

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