Independent Facilities Management Consultant Based In London





My Areas of Expertise as an Experienced Facilities Management Consultant


Every business requires several different services in order to run efficiently and effectively. No matter the size or location of your business, there are certain facilities that you are required by law (statutory) to follow.

This is where the role of a Facilities Manager comes in – your duty is to ensure that all legal requirements are met and adhered to in order for your workplace to be a safe, productive environment.




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Supporting your team


I can join your existing FM team in a support role, or use my leadership skills to help with building and project management. If you do not have a dedicated Facilities Manager, then I can act as a temporary or remote FM for a short-term project or to work with you alongside a third-party looking to undergo work on your properties.


If you would like to find out more about my areas of expertise, then feel free to contact me for a free consultation to find out more.